Access Control & Time Attendance

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The term “Access Control System” actually refers to systems officially referred to as “point monitoring and access control systems” because they not only control electronic locks on doors, control access on elevators and elsewhere, but also monitor alarms. While there are some small panel-based alarm systems that also control card readers on doors, this article refers generally to the larger PC based point monitoring and access control systems. EGITS is the best access control & time attendance systems provider in Egypt, for 12 years experience in this field with full time attendance solutions, hardware devices like pincode, proximity cards, fingerprint & face recognition time attendance machines, including the software, time attendance, HR & Payroll software. Using the best ever Brand names for Egyptian market, ZKteco, Biotech, Realand, TDSi, Kaba, L1ID, Honeywell, Napco, IDwatcher and CertTime.


  • High resolution, up to 1 megapixel for network camera.
  • Dul H.264 streams .
  • Supports WDR function.
  • Maximum standalonce capacity of 400 users and 100000logs


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5.00 out of 5
  • Fingerprint.
  • RF Card.
  • TCP/IP Method.
  • Smart Recognition Algorithm.
  • High performance CPU.
  • Linux O/S.
  • Authentication.
  • Wiegand in & out.
  • High speed USB data transf

pdf_iconAC900 Network Access Controller  somax.

pdf_iconsomax Access Controller.


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  • Rugged structure for outdoor installation and extra durability
  • IP65 rated waterproof and weatherproof structure
  • Slim and elegant design
  • One of the world\’s smallest fingerprint terminals
  • Sleek and slim design for narrow spaces
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint algorithm
  • 1:3000 fingerprint identification in 1 second
  • Stores 1500 fingerprint templates, 10000 cards and 30000 transactions
  • Easy installation and connectivity
  • USB-host
  • Wiegand input & output
  • Network interface by TCP/IP or RS485
  • Full access control features
  • Access control interface for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm
  • Webserver
  • Anti-passback setting
  • Easy operation and management
  • Work without computer
  • Graphic LCD, buzzer, 3×5 keypads and doorbell
  • Built-in keypad and RF card reader for multi-modal authentication (fingerprint/PIN/card)


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  • Color LCD
    As a color LCD view fingerprint images, find the user’s convenience.
  • TCP/IP, RS485 communication
    Support TCP/IP and RS485 communication.
  • Camera (option)
    Built-in-camera can capture one image whenever try to
    access the device.
  • SD Memory(1GB/2GB available)
    Auto-log backup, save captured image.
  • RF card reader expandability
    Two external Wiegand RF readers (26/32bit) are controlled
    from the device without a separate controller.
  • DVR connection port
    DVR can access to built-in camera and record images.
  • Time and Attendance menu display
    LCD display T&A menu of IN/OUT/GO OUT/BACK etc.
  • Meal management menu display
    Menu can be changed at  schedule, point
    coupon of meal available and seslect single or duplicate
  • Check visitors via video image
    When a guest pages access is granted by checking the
    guest through a door program.

pdf_iconHST-PRO-Access Control-EGYPT


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  • Card Holder-30000.
  • Transactions-100000.
  • RF Reader-125 KHz ID Card.
  • Verification-30 ms.
  • LCD-4 lines, 16 characters each line Graphic Display LCD.
  • Oper. Temp-105 F (0-42 C).
  • Relay Output-12V DC, 3A.
  • Port-RS 232/RS 485 – Ethernet 10/100 – USB.
  • Alarm Control-NO & NC.
  • Oper. Voltage-12V DC.
  • Idle Current-60 mA.
  • Oper. Current-450 mA

pdf_iconAC700 Web-based Access Controller somax.

pdf_iconsomax Access Controller.

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I FACE-302

  • Elegant German-designed casing.
  • 4.3” TFT color touch screen display.
  • Supports 50 time zones, 99 groups and 10 unlock combinations for access control.
  • Contact relay for door locks, exit button, alarm, bell, etc.
  • Face and Fingerprint Reader.
  • Infra-red light source enables face detection and matching in dimly lit environment.
  • 6 user-defined function keys.
  • Contactless 1-second employee recognition.
  • Operates stand-alone or with any 26-bit.
  • Wiegand 3rd party access control panel.
  • Voice and visual indicates for acceptance and rejection of valid and invalid fingerprints/faces.
  • Multi-language support.
  • SDK available for OEM customers and software developers.

pdf_iconI FACE-302 time attendance zk

pdf_iconAccess Controller zkteco

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I FACE-402

  • Identification methods include Face, Fingerprint/RFID and/or Password.
  • Elegant ergonomic design.
  • 4.3’’ TFT touch screen is user-friendly and very intuitive.
  • 6 user-defined function keys.
  • Contact relays for door access control (wires to door strike or 3rd party panel).
  • Web server management software via IE browser.
  • Optional extendable scheduled-bell.
  • Infra-red optical system enables user-identification in poorly lit environments .
  • Optional built-in battery backup provides approx 4 hours continuous operation.
  • Optional built-in wireless Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication.
  • Built-in contacts for 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button, or bell.
  • Wiegand Output for connections to 3rd party access control panels.

pdf_iconI FACE-402 Access Control & Time Attendance

pdf_iconAccess Controller zkteco

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  • Read range up to 10 cm.
  • Wiegand format 26 bits (RS232 ,RS485 format available).
  • Fire Proof frame.
  • Wall mount.
  • PSK , ASK modulation.
  • 100% water proof.
  • Solid epoxy potted.
  • Reserve power polarity protection.
  • Reading time 30 ms.
  • External led control input.
  • Color dark pearl gray.
  • 2 color led (red and green), PIEZO buzzer.
  • External buzzer control input.

pdf_iconAC800 Network Access Controller somax.

pdf_iconsomax Access Controller.

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  • IDM7000 have 3” color touch Screen display.
  • IDM7000 have very strong professional access control.
    function with 50 times zone ,99 group,10,combination group,
    anti pass back , Dismantle function.
  • IDM7000 have Very strong Function for Time &Attendance Function.
  • IDM7000 have very strong optical finger print
    sensor ,IR high resolution camera and RF
  • Reader which can be RF or Mifare or HID.
  • IDM7000 can connect to Exit door button ,remote
    control , security sensor ,fire alarms sensors ,gas
    detectors ,Electric lock ,Slave reader & access controller.
  • IDM7000 have Wiegand Input which can be connected
    to slave reader & wiegand output which can be
    connected to controller.
  • IDM7000 can optionally have RF or HID or Mifare card Reader.
  • IDM7000 small size and only 870Gram weight.

pdf_iconIDM7000 Time Attendance and Access Control 

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  • fingerprint reader with durable and highly accurate zk optical sensoraccess control system egypt
  • 1 touch a-second user recognitionaccess control system egypt
  • stores 1,500 templates , 30000 transactionsaccess control system egypt
  • Reads fingerprint and /or cardaccess control system egypt
  • optional integrated proxmity card or smart cart readeraccess control system egypt
  • Built serial and ethernet portsaccess control system egypt
  • Tamper-proofs switch and alarm outputsaccess control system egypt
  • Request-to-exit and alarm contactsaccess control system egypt
  • Audio-visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingersaccess control system egypt

pdf_iconF18 fingerprint-standalone-access-control-zk

pdf_iconAccess Controller zkteco

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  • 2 inch color display with graphical UI, easy for operation
  • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance & rejection of fingerprint
  • TCP/IP or RS485 communications for various networking environment
  • Built-in auxiliary input with enhanced flexibility to link with wired detector or switch
  • Up to 15 multi-verification methods to enhance security level
  • Standard access control features such as Time zone, Holiday, A&C Group, Unlock combination etc.
  • Tamper-proofs switch and multiple alarm outputs
  • Duress Alarm offers effective protection against duress by threats
  • Optional metal protection case for outdoor installation
  • Multi-language customizable


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  • Finger, RF or Mifare, 100.000 RF.
  • card. 20.000 finger and RF. 6.000.
  • finger only. TFT color display. Secugen.
  • sensor USA. ARM7 processor.
  • samsung. Can connect 2 external.
  • weigend reader. Can conect 32.
  • RS485 reader. SD card. TCP/IP.
  • access control function.

pdf_iconHST-LITE Access Control Lite Finger-EGYPT

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  • ULL SDK firmware
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof
  • ID Card Capacity: 30,000
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000
  • Log Capacity: 100,000
  • Communication:TCP/IP,RS485,Wiegand input&output


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  • 3” Color TFT screen with GUI Interface.
  • ZK Fingerprint Sensor.
  • Reads Fingerprint and/or Card.
  • Optional integrated smart card reader.
  • Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports.
  • Multi Language Support.
  • Built-in battery backup provides approx. 4 hours continuous operation.
  • Optional built-in wireless Wi-Fi or GPRS for wireless communication.
  • Real-time 1-touch data export 3rd party hosted & non-hosted applications.
  • SDK available for OEM customers and software developers.

pdf_iconIN01-A Time Attendance Access Control zk

pdf_iconAccess Controller zkteco

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  • Easy installation, safe and reliable
  • Simple and convenient operation method
  • ID card standard, Mifare card optional
  • Full door lock control system
  • Wiegand out to connect with control panel
  • Wiegand in to construct master
    and slave system
  • Audio Prompt audio and LED feedback to
    guide the user to operate


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  • RFID Cards_30,000 proximity card access control system zk.
  • Transactions_50,000 proximity card access control system zk.
  • Communication_RS485, TCP/IP, USB Host proximity card access control system zk.
  • Wiegand Ports_Input & Output proximity card access control system zk.
  • Interfaces_3rd Party locks, door sensor, exit button proximity card access control system zk.
  • Functions_50 time zones, 5 groups, 10 combinations proximity card access control system zk.
  • Power Supply_12V DC 3A proximity card access control system zk.
  • Dimensions_95 x 129 x 48mm proximity card access control system zk.

pdf_iconSC103proximity card access control system zk.

pdf_iconAccess Controller zkteco.



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