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DC automatic barrier, painted steel cabinet, for booms up to 4 m, complete with built-in electronic control board, radio receiver and battery charger. Boom must be ordered separately.


pdf_iconRBLO road barrier

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Electromechanical barriers are designed for the controlled flow of traffic, especially for the parking places. Cabinet; including body, top lid,front lid and anchoring plate are all manufactured using A1 Quality Steel (Galvanizde+Painted+Baked). Standart color is RAL 2004 Orange. Arm is aluminum with a special cross section design. This special designs enables the safety gasket to be mounted under the arm, besides increase the arms’ inertia (i.e. increased durability against impacts, wind froce etc.) Control electronics is microprocessor controlled, Every kind of radio control receiver cars, safety photocells, open/close buttons, loop dedectors, flashing lights etc. can be integrated to the control electronics easily. Closing the barrier can be utilized by automatic time delay facility, as well as inputs from other sources. Time delay can be adjusted vetween 0-50 seconds.

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Hydraulic Rising Bollards
Ever Guardian hydraulic rising bollards are designed for high security vehicle entrances, army, industrial, governmental and commercial buildings or streets which are closed to vehicle traffic between certain hours of the day. Both “High Security” and “Commercial” type Ever Guardian Hydraulic Rising Bollards have the same strength, whereas “Commercial” bollards are shorter than the “High Security” ones. The thickness of the bollard, the underground construction, the self-lubricating sealing and guide ring made of special plastic types, hydraulic piston, flange thicknesses and diameters, hydraulic connections, installation and drainage procedures etc. are all the same. These units are designed to K12 standards. Finite element analysis can be supplied upon request. Typical raise/lower time is 3 seconds but it is possible to design the system to raise/lower in 1.5 seconds.
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Electromechanical Tyre Killers
Electromechanical Tyre-Killer is one of the highest security vehicle access control systems. The Tyre-Killer provides high security for sensitive areas (banks, military bases, airports, embassies etc) against forced and unauthorized entry or exit of motor vehicles. Tyre-Killer works rapidly, teeth raises from the road surfaces in a couple of seconds so tyres of the unauthorized vehicle will definitely be destroyed immediately when the entry or escape is attempted, therefore the vehicle moves only a few more meters and is inactivated. The hardened teeth of the Tyre-Killer move all together as they are welded on the same 50×50 mm square beam. Drive unit is placed to one end of the Tyre-Killer; it stands above the ground level and is a complete assembly with the body. In this way, both smooth transmission of motion and minimum effect of external factors are achieved. Control electronics and drive unit are stored in an electrogalvanized metal control cabinet. With the help of microprocessor controlled electronics, raise/lower function can be achieved by every kind of access control devices, card readers, biometric readers like fingerprint or hand shape, radio control, on/off switch or key switch etc. Besides, safety accessories like loop detectors, photocells, flashing lights or red/green lights can be integrated to the control electronics very easily.
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Shallow Depth Road Blocker
Specifiers and end users alike are choosing the PAS 68: 2010 crash tested EGR700 due to its shallow depth of 215mm, enabling minimal on site excavation, fast arming times and the fact the product is 100% duty rated.  This makes it ideal for the busiest traffic throughput sites but still maintains the very highest levels of security against vehicle borne attack.
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