F320C Network Time Attendance  Access Controller somax egypt


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  • Templates-3200 Access Control system.
  • Transactions-100000 Access Control system.
  • Matching-1:N up to 3200 templates Access Control system.
  • Verification-≤ 1 second Access Control system.
  • Ver. Type-FP, Card, Pin code (And/Or) Access Control system.
  • Identification-≤ 2 seconds Access Control system.
  • FRR-≤ 1% Access Control system.
  • FAR-≤ 0.0001% Access Control system.
  • LCD-Color Graphic LCD Display Access Control system.
  • Oper. Temp-32-105 F (0-42 C) Access Control system.
  • Port-RS 232/RS 485 – Ethernet 10/100 – USB Access Control system.
  • Oper. Voltage-5V DC Access Control system.
  • Idle Current-60 mA Access Control system.
  • Oper. Current-450 mA Access Control system.
  • Length-7.3 inches / 185mm Access Control system.
  • Width-3.3 inches / 85mm Access Control system.
  • Depth-1.45 inches / 37mm Access Control system.

pdf_iconF320C Network  Access Controller somax.

pdf_iconsomax Access Controller.


Product Description

RF Card Time & Attendance

The SOMAX F320C Fingerprint Series Time & Attendance System not only simplifies your time clocking system but also providing you the most efficient way for human resources management as well as enhancing your employee’s punctuality and productivity. SOMAX F320C series offers the most efficient and simplest way for all business sectors on time and attendance management.
Keying in of the employee identification number or time clocking card is no longer needed, just a touch of the registered fingerprint to verify a user to avoid any false check-in or enrollment occurrences. Apart from its functionality SOMAX F320C series also consider your needs on the outlook of the device; different color can be applied according to your own selection in order to meet the environment of your premises

Enrolled fingerprints are stored in the system and through the fingerprint reader; user can be verified with the presence of their genuine fingerprint

RF Card
RFID Card system as an alternative verification method, a combination of fingerprint, proximity card and password identification methods are available in SOMAX F320C series for user’s comfort.

TCP/IP Method
SOMAX F320C series installed with TCP/IP as a communicator between reader and computer that supports real-time data transfer for easy and efficient data management

Smart Recognition Algorithm
Manage one-to-one (1:1) and one-to-many (1:N) verifications of maximum 3,200 templates. SOMAX F320C series allows 360o rotation fingerprint placement with less than 2 seconds for identity authentication.

High performance CPU
32BIT Intel CPU for fast and sufficient process.

Linux O/S
Embedded with advanced Linux Operation System which can operate consecutively for 24 hours with reliable and stable performance.

Multi-Verification methods of 15 different combinations with Fingerprint, Card with Password or ID with Password, or a combination of all to enhance security protection.

Geniality greeting voice system to instruct the user for device operation.

High speed USB data transfer
USB Host/Client for easy and sufficient data exchange between reader and reader/computer without complicated use of software and procedures

F320C Network Time & Attendance

F320C Network Time & Attendance

Additional Information

Brand Name



TCP/IP, USB Cable, USB Flash Memory

Weather Proof



Finger Print, Proximity Card, Pin Code

Access OR Attendance

Attendance Only

Access Control & Time Attedance

Network Devices


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