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Description & Features

  • This detector uses a very High Sensitivity UV Filter to Detect the Fast flame fires.
  • Highly reliable, long lifeUV receptor tube.
  • Low power consumption.
  • HD104U can be Intermixed with other types of Detection on the panel’s detection circuitry.
  • Easily maintained: cleaning can be accomplished Without disassem­

bling the detector.

  • This detector is designed to be used with most conventional fire alarm controlpanelwhere ills can work from 9Volt to 32V D.C.
  • Itishas Two Led’s on each detector to provide local sso•viewing alarm


  • This detector support ExternalRemote indication LED.

pdf_iconHST Fire Alarm System


Product Description

Conventional Multi Photoelecbic Smoke and Heat Sensor
HD0I 3Description & Features
This Conventional Multi detector uses an Intelligent optical sensing chamber and thermal sensor at the same time to detect smoke and heat.
This detector Is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with most conventional fire alarm controlpanel where It is can work from 9Volt to 32V D.C.
It Is has Two Led’s on each detector to provide local 360° viewing alarm indication.
It is flash every five seconds indicating that power Is applied and the de­
tector is working properly.
The Led’s latch on In alarm.Led’s will be off when a trouble condition exists indicating that the detector sensitivity is outside the listed limit. The alarm can be reset only by a momentary power interruption

Additional Information

Brand Name

HST | Global

Fire Alarm & Fighting

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