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  • Panel Hstfire+1 8 Hstfire+9-16.
  • Mains Voltage 01AC) 240 240.
  • System Vohage (V DC) 28.4 28.4 jUUiescent l:urrent, uns11enced.
  • Fault (mA).
  • Minimum Battery Size 2 x 12V 7 7.
  • Required (Ah).
  • Delector Voltage 01DC) 20 20.
  • Number of Sense Zones 1-8 9-16.
  • Maximum Number of Detectors 30 30.
  • Firing Resistance (Ohms) 510 ±200 510 ±200.
  • Sense Zone End of Une (Ohms) 31<3 3k3 o\larmVoltaqe (VDC) 28.4 28.4.
  • Number of .Alarm Zones 2 2.
  • Maximum.Alarm Current per Zone 300 300.
  • Maximum Number of Sounder 16 16 o\larm Zone End of Lone (Ohms) 10k 10k.
  • Max. AUXIliary :>upp1y o.;urrem sot sot.

pdf_iconHST Fire Alarm System.


Product Description

Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel

HP101 control panels Repeaters are available with 16 zones with 24V powered (DC).Mains powered repeaters require only a two core data cable from the main control panel. 24V DC versions require an additional two cores ror

power either from the main panel or rrom another

24V DC source.

Amixture of Repeaters or Ancillary boards up to a maximum or 4of each type can be connected to a

control panel and each is allocated an address

from 1 to 4 using a binary coded DIP switch. The total length of the data cable from the main panel to the last repeater must not exceed 1200




Additional Information

Brand Name

HST | Global

Fire Alarm & Fighting

Conventional Control Panels


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