GSM Wireless Alarm Kit

GSM Wireless Alarm Kit

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The Kit “+ ALARM500” is the burglar alarm system is ideal for defending
apartments, residential and small commercial areas.
It can be installed without calling a professional and without masonry.In
case detects an intrusion +ALARM sends a 10 seconds customizable prerecorded
message to 6 programmed telephones numbers


SKU: GSM Wireless Alarm Kit.

Product Description

wired and 99 wireless defense zones;Wireless Alarm egypt
LCD screen with time clock display;Wireless Alarm egypt
3 groups of timely arm and disarm;Wireless Alarm egypt
Call 6 phones and send SMS to 3 numbers;Wireless Alarm egypt
10-second automatic message recording;Wireless Alarm egypt
Voice prompt for main unit & remote operations;Wireless Alarm egypt
Built-in artificial intelligent English message;Wireless Alarm egypt
The main unit can be used as a telephone;Wireless Alarm egypt
Arm, disarm, monitor, and intercom by phone;Wireless Alarm egypt
Real-time, Delay, 24 hours, Bypass defense zones program;Wireless Alarm egypt
all the settings can be finished by keypad;Wireless Alarm egypt
Built-in NI-HI battery, AC-DC shift, automatically recharge.Wireless Alarm egypt

Additional Information

Brand Name

Ecotech | China

Security Alarm Systems

Wireless Security Panel


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