HD103-MINI- hst -fire –


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  • Range 9 to 28 \tOC Volts Non-polarized.
  • Standby Current S:120.A@””24VDC.
  • Maximum Alarm.
  • Current (LED on) S:30mA@24VDC.
  • Operating Humid y.
  • Range S:95%RH(40°C:t2°C) Relative Humidity,
  • Operating Temperature.
  • Range -1o•c to so•c (14°F to 122•F).
  • Smoke Alarm Sensitiv y 1.06:t.26%FT.
  • Fixed Temperature.
  • Rating src.
  • Rate of Rise DetectiOn Responds to greater than 8.30C /min.
  • Height 42 mm nstalled in Base.
  • Diameter 64mm.

pdf_iconHST Fire Alarm System

SKU: HD103-MINI- hst -fire -.

Product Description

The detectors are photo-electronic smoKe and heat detector uses a state of-the-art optical sensing chamber and high sensitivity thennal sensor. This detector is designed to provide open area protection and to be used with most conventional fire alann panel and securlty alann panel. One LED on the detector provides local visible alarm indication. The detector wauld be ready to work after power on 3 seconds. The LED would flash every six seconds indicating that power is applied and the detector is working prope y.When detector smoKe or heat sensor

pre-alarms, the LED w auld flash 6 times and then

the detector alarms. The LED would quicK flash (0.25 second on/ 0.25 second off) when smoKe sensor alarms.andmearwhile the OP1 have signal output. The LED woud quicK flash (0.25 second on/ 0.25 second off) 4 times.and then 1 seconds LED off whenheat sensor alarms.and meanwhile the OP1have signaloutplt.When smd<e and heat sensor alarms together. the OP2 has signal output, and then the LED would slow

flash(0.5second oMJ.5 second off) to the end a

delay time, and then the LED would ligtt on continuously and relay contacts activated when

the delay time finished.LED will be flash once every one second when a trouble condition exists indicating that the detector sensitivity is outside the lislEd limit. The alarm can be reset only by

a momentary power interruption.The detector

would be reset automatically to the normal stab.Js after the smoKe or heat sensor return from alarm status to the normal status 2 minutes late. When the smoKe and heat alarms together, the detector would latch the alarm status until reset by panel

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HST | Global

Fire Alarm & Fighting

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